Isle of Wight Trans Protest Open Letter

We are charities, campaigning organisations, activists, and concerned individuals, writing in support of the socially distanced protest by the trans community and their allies here on the Island planned on July 11th 2020.

We join thousands of other organisations and individuals across the UK in calling upon the government to honour the overwhelmingly positive results of the public consultation regarding reforming the Gender Recognition Act, and condemning the proposed amendments to the Equality Act targeting the trans community that have been leaked to the press.

In this year when pride parades, cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, are being replaced with protests, we stand with the trans community here on the Isle of Wight, and throughout the UK, and affirm our commitment to working towards a society that is free from the spectres of transphobia, homophobia and sexism, and from all other forms of bigotry.

We call upon Bob Seely MP to act as a friend and ally to the entire LGBTI+ community, and to add his voice to the many voices speaking against these proposals, in parliament and in the public sphere.


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